Our Farms

100% Local Thai Farms

Our Founder Emmy has spent her entire life building a strong nework of people living out of agriculture and local resources. The development of Panya products that use both moringa fruits and leaves has been great for farmers trying to diversify out of the usal crops such as rice or sugar cane.

100% Local Opportunities

Local communities living in the rural areas with land are given the opportunity to grow their own Moringa trees. Panya Natural cares for the community and tries to create job opportunities for the people in every aspect of the business, helping the locals to be independent and self-sufficient.

Community all around thailand

The Panya family has spread all around Thailand from Petchabun, Chiang Mai, Chachoengsao, Sak Kaew, Korat, Buriram, Surin, Nakhon Ratcha to Loei.

Education and training

Panya introduced the Moringa trees to the farmers, provided the healthy seeds to new farmers, and they were then given training on nurturing the trees.