Panya 100% Moringa Oil + Vitamin C: vegan, anti-aging Thai moringa oil with brightening, reparative, antioxidant infusion.

The Results: BEfore and After

Healthy skin doesn’t happen overnight. Witness the real-life transformations as Panya Natural's Moringa Oil takes center stage in our customers' skincare journeys.

Explore the captivating visual journey with compelling before-and-after images showcasing the remarkable impact of our vegan, sustainable formula. Before, skin imperfections may have lingered; after, experience the radiant glow and diminished blemishes.

I really enjoy it. Can be applied both on the face and around the eyes. Face is very soft.

Khun Chinny, Thailand

I utilize only pure moringa oil and then golden oil. The skin's softness and elasticity are evident. Pores, wrinkles, and blemishes are significantly diminished.

Khun Nethathai, Thailand

Only 2 ml, results have already been noticed in the trial size.

Khun Beebee, Thailand


Over six transformative months, Amanda embraced Panya Natural's Moringa Oil to bid farewell to stubborn acne. The captivating before-and-after images tell a story of resilience and triumph, with Amanda's complexion evolving from a challenging state to a luminous, clear canvas.

I use the Golden Oil. Flaws disappear, and pores close.

Thought it was costly at first, however after using it for about three months, the bottle is halfway empty. Really, it is worth it.

Khun Patcharee, Thailand

With my baby, I use pure moringa oil. It works wonders to reduce itching and insect bites, rise and collapse.

Khun Polly, Thailand

My skin is oily, but I also have dry skin, rashes, and allergies to everything. I was initially afraid to utilize it.

I ordered the first set because I have been following Panya for a while. The second set then follows, Golden Oil now follows once more. Impressed greatly!

Khun Jeab, Thailand

The more results are noticeable very soon if you watch the clip and massage your face and body while using PANYA Moringa Oil. Cheek grooves some of which are deep appear shallower.

Khun Cake, Thailand