Supreme Golden Moringa Oil

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Size 5ML

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Supreme golden moringa oil is one of our latest products and a best seller already. The design of the bottle and dropper is stunning. This very high end product brings all the best elements of the moringa oil together with other premium essential oils. The higher concentration of 24k gold enhances the benefits to the skin.

- Moringa Oil 100% Natural
- 24k Gold (flakes)
- Lavender Oil
- Secret Ingredient coming from Eastern Europe

Apply a few drops of golden oil on the palm of your hands and massage the skin of your face gently. It's good to use this product after shower in the morning and evening.


All the moringa fruits are carefully collected by our community of farmers. The golden flakes are extracted from high quality 24k gold.

All the ingredients we use are 100% natural and locally sourced. We pay great attention to quality aspects when it comes to select raw materials such as moringa fruits & leaves and other essential oils.

We try to cover most of the production process ourselves so we can ensure the highest quality standards.

Sustainable and Local

The Supreme Golden Moringa is offering a higher concentration of gold with premium essential oils including moringa oil as the main ingredient. All the key ingredients are sourced locally and put together with the greatest care.

We get most of our ingredients from our network of local farmers. They gained a lot from diversifying their crops from rice to moringa. This allowed them to exploit their fields in a more ecological and sustainable way.