Our Story

Humble beginnings

Kamonrat Latseeta (Emmy) is the founder of Panya. 

Emmy grew up in an agricultural environment, was passionate about nature and plants. She studied local agricultural knowledge closely under HM Princess Sirindhorn during one of her visits in the rural area and thereafter shared her knowledge with the farmers working hand in hand to produce the remarkable purity of Moringa used by Panya.

Our community of farmers

Emmy and her team have built a strong network of farmers that help Panya secure high quality moringa fruits and leaves needed for the production of skin care products, supplements and herbal teas. It's very important to help our community of farmers learn from the benefits of growing Moringa trees within high standards and reward them accordingly.

Panya Story

People First

Emmy has always believed in keeping the people working around her happy and well treated while her Buddhist upbringing impressed upon her the value and importance of doing good deeds for those around her.

Strong link to nature

As a child, she was aware of the wonderful variety of plants growing around her, and from a young age she began experimenting with natural leaves and roots, rubbing their powder on her skin to experience the textures and colors they could bring.

No chemicals

This curiosity led Emmy to learn about the raw ingredients that went into cosmetics, and she soon realized that Thailand – “the spa of the world” – was blessed with an ideal climate for growing essential oils including Moringa oil, and a great variety of plants and herbs that could replace the chemicals that other companies used in their beauty products.

Local Businesses

Soon, the idea for Panya Natural was born. The concept was to work exclusively with local businesses – not only because they were the best, and not only because she had a productive relationship with some of the best farms in the area – but also to help her own community grow. Emmy takes inspiration from her role model, the King of Thailand, to value modest hard work and generosity throughout her professional life.

Farmer Support

Panya Natural continues to support its farmers, so that their families – particularly their children – can have the same opportunity to pursue their dreams that she had. Though she is now based in Bangkok, Emmy visits the northern provinces regularly to check on her family, neighbors, and the small farms she uses for Panya Natural products.

A brand with meaning

The original logo of Panya was designed by a little girl named Sai (Nong Sai as the Thai would call her), an orphan from Baan Metta, orphanage situated in Phrachuap Khiri Khan, one of the foundations that Panya has been supporting since its establishment.

Our new logo has been used since 2021 in order to give Panya brand a more modern and universal look. The letters of our current logo have been shaped using leaves of Moringa (The Tree of Life).

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PANYA takes its pride for the quality of its products. Products have been lab-tested and certified. PANYA have also won several awards which further affirms its prestige grade in quality...