Moringa Oil 100% Natural

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Our 100% virgin Moringa Oil is cold pressed and contains 46 antioxidants that help your
skin reducing wrinkles, marks and pores. This oil adds moisture and rejuvenate the skin.
It helps reducing acne like whiteheads, blackheads, and pustules. Perfect for skin
disease treatment and prevention. It also brightens the skin while strengthening it.

- Cold Pressed Virgin Moringa Oil
- 100% Natural
- Oil extract from Moringa Olifeira fruits
- Alcohol Free
- Paraben Free
- No Scent Added
- 46 Antioxidants

Apply 2-3 drops to the palm of your hand and massage thoroughly into your face, eye
sockets and body. Ideally use in the morning and/or evening after bath or shower.


We are doing regular tests in labs in order to check the level of purity of the Moringa Oleifera oil we use in most of our products. This product is 100% made out of moringa oil so we feel confident of its very high quality standard.

All the ingredients we use are 100% natural and locally sourced. We pay great attention to quality aspects when it comes to select raw materials such as moringa fruits & leaves and other essential oils.

We try to cover most of the production process ourselves so we can ensure the highest quality standards.

Sustainable and Local

The moringa oil 100% natural is our very first product and is made using moringa fruits only. Those fruits are collected in moringa farms where trees grow locally in the best conditions. After that, the best fruits are selected and cleaned. We then cold press them to extra the oil.

We get most of our ingredients from our network of local farmers. They gained a lot from diversifying their crops from rice to moringa. This allowed them to exploit their fields in a more ecological and sustainable way.