Moringa Sunscreen SPF50

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Size 50 g

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A natural extract such as EXO-P has been added to our moringa sunscreen to help
reduce blemishes, freckles, and black spots caused by hazardous chemicals and PM2.5
that we encounter in everyday life. Our sun screen contains moringa oil which makes
the cream easier to apply, while brightening the skin and protecting it from blue light.

- SPF50 PA+++ protection
- Exo-P
- Waterproof
- Moringa Oil
- Alcohol Free
- Paraben Free
- No Scent Added

Apply a bit of sunscreen on your face and other parts of your body before going out in
the sun. It is perfectly suitable for use during the day. Good for face and body.


As we do for all products, we keep innovating in order to improve our products with the most optimal combination of ingredients that is both beneficial for the skin and the least harmful for the environment.

All the ingredients we use are 100% natural and locally sourced. We pay great attention to quality aspects when it comes to select raw materials such as moringa fruits & leaves and other essential oils.

We try to cover most of the production process ourselves so we can ensure the highest quality standards.

Sustainable and Local

We pay extra attention in not harming the sea & ocean reef. This is why we have reduced the content chemicals to the lowest and integrated more natural ingredients. This allows us to sell our sunscreen with the mention "ocean friendly and reef safe"

We get most of our ingredients from our network of local farmers. They gained a lot from diversifying their crops from rice to moringa. This allowed them to exploit their fields in a more ecological and sustainable way.