Moringa Tea - Natural Infusion

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Moringa Tea is a natural herbal tea that is made out of moringa leaves. Those leaves are collected at the same time as we collect moringa fruits. Those leaves are carefully selected and washed before we turn them into herbal tea. This tea is the perfect infusion for better digestion. It also helps you find peace and inner calm before going to bed.

1 pack of Moringa Tea contains 30 tea bags.

Moringa tea leaves contain anti-inflammatory properties that may support the digestive system and relief stomach issues. 

Moringa leaves may also benefit people who suffer from diabetes, such helping with regulating blood sugar and insulin levels.

- Moringa leaves extracts

- Take a tea bag and infuse it for at least 5 minutes in a cup of cold or hot water.


Our moringa tea is a very simple and natural product that mostly contents extracts of moringa leaves. Those leaves come from moringa farms that are exploited with the greatest care.

All the ingredients we use are 100% natural and locally sourced. We pay great attention to quality aspects when it comes to select raw materials such as moringa fruits & leaves and other essential oils.

We try to cover most of the production process ourselves so we can ensure the highest quality standards.

Sustainable and Local

Key ingredients for the Panya Moringa Tea are locally sourced and come from moringa trees that are used for their fruits and residues.

We get most of our ingredients from our network of local farmers. They gained a lot from diversifying their crops from rice to moringa. This allowed them to exploit their fields in a more ecological and sustainable way.